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(S.H.A.P.E™) SHAPE Toronto Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Personal Training & Massage Centres offer an innovative health and personal fitness-training concept with a dedicated professional team of physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncture practitioners, strength and conditioning specialists, nutritionists and Soft-Tissue Treatment (ART®) providers.

Our Integrated Therapy & Training rehabilitation programs provide treatment plans for sports-injury and post-surgical rehabilitation, chronic-pain management and physical-health maintenance.

We also offer registered massage therapy to combat stress and aid in rehabilitation treatment programs. Your first visit includes a comprehensive assessment of wellness, fitness, diet and lifestyle to develop a personalized program which may include a session with one of our high-performance trainers in our modern gym facilities or medical treatment provided by one of our health-care practitioners.


Physiotherapy at SHAPE under the care of Kevin Villafana, and assisted by the rest of SHAPE's great staff, has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience that I would highly recommend. Kevin has a great personality, is highly competent and did a great job in providing a customized solution that put me on the road to recovery.
Ben G. Toronto
Hey Shawn,
"I just want to thank you for the treatments I have been getting from you. The last one has changed my life. Sounds dramatic, I know, but I have finally been able to experience pain free living for the first time in a long time-so thank you, thank you, thank you."
Phil M.
“I have been very impressed with all of the services I have utilized at SHAPE. The focus on client experience is clearly evident and I am happy to say that I am in much better physical condition overall since starting at SHAPE – greatly reduced back and neck pain since working with Shawn and definitely increased strength and cardio fitness from working with the trainers!”
Matthew M.
I went to the gym and had a really GREAT work out yesterday. My back is a bit sore now but all is good, no problem, and you know what, this morning I feel like the 'HULK' because I can actually feel my muscles 'ripping and full of energy'. It feels MARVELOUS. Thanks Doc for a great treatment.
Jameson W.
A couple of weeks ago I was thinking maybe the pain I was experiencing doing pushups was not worth it. After all you don't need to do pushups in real life right? When the pain developed into not being able to lift my arm it became an issue that could not be ignored. Today after several weeks of therapy and rehab exercises I woke up missing something. It was the first time in many weeks that I did not wake up at night with shoulder pain. I felt great and I think I might be able to do pushups again. When I do it will be with proper form and hopefully no pain. Thanks for all the attention and care.
Sue K.
I live in Los Angeles and while visiting family in Toronto, I complained of upper-back and shoulder pain which had been ongoing for months. My Dad suggested I see a chiropractor. Luckily, his search led to Shawn. who provided immediate relief. You can't undo months of issues in one visit and a few adjustments, but it was the springboard I needed to get on the right track. I have been pain free since. He even went out of his way to find a doctor in the LA area.
Erik B.
I just wanted to follow up with you on the nerve flossing for my arm injury. It worked absolute wonders! Going home after the treatment that day I was pretty sore and in a cranky mood, but the next day all the tingling in my arm was completely gone. I didn't even notice it, and then in the evening I realized that I hadn't felt it all day! Thanks a ton for helping me out.
Trevor K.
I have always had fantastic workouts at SHAPE,  my workouts continually challenge me and the results have been beyond expectation, in a very short period of time. 
Jessica B.
A week before my first race, my knees suddenly told me enough was enough! I could barely walk in the morning. I contacted SHAPE, and Shawn came to my rescue introducing me to ART®! Without you and your outstanding ability to alleviate pain, I may not have made it through my warm up on race day!!! You were genuinely concerned about my injury and determined to do whatever possible to make sure I was able to compete - you are my new HERO!
Jess H.
Every time I ski down the hill and feel how strong my legs are and how great I feel, I am grateful for the day I met you. I am skiing better than I have ever skied. I feel like an athelete!!
Judy D.
Working out at SHAPE leading up to my wedding was fantastic. Not only did it force me to hit the gym, the constant support and expert training allowed me to look my best on the big day. The most important benefit, however, was the increased body confidence that came with the workouts. Throw in a few massage sessions, and SHAPE was a HUGE part of my preparation and sanity. Thanks to everyone involved in getting me ready.
Laura Z.
Through years of sports and competitive dance, I've had numerous chronic injuries. I visited physiotherapists, massage therapists and acupuncturists, but not until SHAPE did I see a remarkable difference. It's almost unbelievable how accurately they made the diagnosis and performed appropriate treatments.  I am thankful to be free of some of the pain I had for years. If there’s such thing as miracle workers, Shawn & Sender are it!. The fact that they follow up the next day with by phone or email speaks volumes!
Heather F.
I went airborne down a flight of stairs, badly bruising my left thigh and tail bone! Dr. Thistle listened attentively, assessed my injuries and helped loosen and relax my tense glute and lower back muscles. I went in feeling as though I'd been hit by an SUV and walked out feeling limber and hopeful. I seldom entrust my body to chiropractors as I'm usually cautious of having more damage done. This is certainly not the case with Dr. Thistle. To ensure I was feeling better after my first treatment, he sent a note to check up on me. Hats off to the Dr. Thistles of the world, who put their hearts into their work.
Rosa L.
I want to extend my thanks to you and everyone at SHAPE. Your business is unparalleled to any other clinic. It is supported by fun, professional and enthusiastic people who take pride in helping each client. Attention to detail makes a world of difference by creating unique experiences for everyone. I've had tremendous success under the treatment and guidance from both you and your trainers. Your conceptual integration of health and wellness are well executed to benefit those looking for a total solution in an otherwise fragmented health-care system. All the best.
Megan O.
I'm not sure what to attribute it to... the adjustment, acupuncture, massage, or the combination, but wanted to let you know something really nailed my problem. As the afternoon went on, I realized my headache was going away bit by bit.  The good feeling continued Sun. & Mon. despite my overnight flight to Europe. It's Wed. now and the ol' reliable headache is starting to creep back in, but I am so relieved and encouraged to have spent a few days experiencing what other people feel like!
Robert D.

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