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I am not exaggerating when I say that SHAPE helped me get my life back and I am extremely grateful to Sender for putting together such a fantastic team, offering chiropractic sessions, training, education, support and especially grateful for being next to me every step, for teaching me and helping me relearn how to move, which muscles to activate and how to train and move in order to regain and maintain a healthy body.

I have been active, trained and played sports my whole life, but I have hyper-mobile joints and unfortunately I did not know what it actually means and how to manage it and what it means to stabilize a joint so over time I accumulate faulty movement patterns which got worse with time. Because of the dysfunctions and because of training and putting strengths on a dysfunction, my muscles became extremely tight and I had to deal with a lot of pain in my body and the worst was that I had to stop various physical activities that I loved. For about 10 years before stepping into Shape, I had seen lots of physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and doctors and nobody could figure out what the issue was. The last diagnostic determined that I have a genetic muscle disorder and I was recommended to go to the Mayo Clinic in the states.

Back then, I had to see a massage therapist on a weekly basis (sometimes twice a week) in order to deal with the muscle tightness and pain. After I started at SHAPE, things started to improve right away, I was less and less dependent on massage and the pain disappeared. It hasn’t been an overnight transformation as I had to unwind a few decades (going back to my childhood) of poor habits. Currently my body is stronger than ever, no more pain in my body, I am in the longest period in my life of training and not getting injured and I learned new ways of training and how to stay healthy. Many thanks to the whole SHAPE team!

I needed therapy after a total hip-replacement and was referred to SHAPE TORONTO by my doctor. I was very impressed with the depth of specialized services available and Sender's expertise in laying out a personalized program for me. Regular sessions with Sender along with the recommended exercises at home have made a HUGE difference in my mobility and pain level. My back, hip and feet are all much better. Thank you to Sender for getting me back into SHAPE!
Germain SD

Have to tell you, I went for a run outside yesterday. First outside 10km in 14 weeks (because of the winter-from-hell!!). When I got back, my Nike app said it was my fastest 10km (in spite of dodging ice and jumping puddles!). I felt like I could keep going. The difference compared with 3 months ago, in spite of not running distance outside for 3 months, was remarkable. I wouldn't have believed the effect you're having.
Peter G.

Sender and his staff are second to none.  The training programs are personalized specifically to whatever your goals and ambitions are.  The staff at SHAPE have pushed me to reach and exceed any and all of the goals I have made.  Every workout is fun, new and exciting while still pushing me to my limit and getting the best results possible. From nutrition to the actual lifting of weights they identified my wants and needs, and explained how and why this will help me reach my goals.  I feel extremely confident entering the upcoming hockey season in the best shape of my life and I have Sender and his staff to thank for that.
Liam R.

I've been a client at SHAPE for the past 9 months and I wanted to tell you how wonderful your staff is at 35 Coldwater. I have had the pleasure of  working on conditioning rehab sessions. Working there has been amazing. During my sessions I am provided with great instructional information before we start each exercise, motivation and a desire to push forward. The results have been amazing. He is a wealth of information and his after workout stretches are fantastic. Another employee who is passionate about what he does. I've never worked with a trainer before but I'm hooked. 

Today there are so many companies lacking customer service. I wanted to make sure you know you have some great employees at SHAPE who are customer focused and provide a fantastic experience each and every time I walk through your doors. I refer people to SHAPE all the time and will continue to do that.
Lynda J.

Never would have thought that a minor vehicle collision could put me so out of synch - which is why I thought I could fix myself. Now that I've seen you a few times I am amazed at how much better I feel after sessions - more structurally balanced, energetic and able to move more easily. You're miracle workers! Thanks for seeing me, I appreciate your skill.
Meg H.

At SHAPE, all patients receive on-to-one supervision which is why they produce superior results. Each program is individualized for the patient’s specific needs. I did not fully appreciate this until I had a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) in late 2011. Under their guidance I am in rehabilitation from this accident with excellent results overall with thorough, compassionate and encouragment. My rehabilitation program, includes imassage therapists who are also outstanding practitioners. I could not have chosen a better clinic for my MVA treatment plan. They accomodate my schedule for all the unexpected visits I may need and always give me the morale support I need to get through this difficult time.

A special thank you for the seamless coordination with my insurance company.

For any individual who has the misfortunate of requiring rehabilitation from a car accident, I would highly endorse SHAPE for your MVA plan and other fitness requirements and goals. I still have a journey of healing ahead, but under thire care I have no doubt I will heal. Thank you!
Anna B.

Just wanted to update you on the workout program I have started at SHAPE. Firstly, I just wanted to let you know what a great job I think you have done setting the whole place up. The space is great, the locker/shower area is terrific, the staff are super friendly and there is a real "family" feeling about the whole place.  I have had numerous trainers over the years yet none of them has left me with such a positive feeling after workouts. By far the workouts have been the most dynamic of any workouts I have ever had and for the first time ever I actually look forward to working out. An excellent job all around! Congrats!
Wayne R.

I started working with Sender at SHAPE in 2006 as an NCAA hockey player. With their training I was able to take my college hockey career to the next level earning a pro hockey contract. I am now in my fourth year pro and I continue to choose to get treatment and train with Sender and SHAPE because they are simply the best! Their innovative training techniques and amazing treatment capabilities have gotten me in the best shape of my life and helped me maintain an injury-free career. I can't thank them enough for all they have helped me with!
Mike K.

I have been referring patients and executive clients to SHAPE for many years and have always been impressed by the high quality of their assessments and treatment plans. My patients and clients are consistently happy with the detailed assessments, quality of treatment and professional nature of the multidisciplinary team working in cooperation with each other and me as the referring physician in managing their care. As part of a comprehensive executive medical program, the SHAPE Team have risen above all standards of care to motivate lifestyle changes including fitness, nutrition, support and encouragement to minimize risks and promote long-term health and protection against illness and lifestyle related diseases.
Dr. Eddie Wasser, Founder of Medevaq

I started to take a serious look at my health Jan. 1st of this year. I estimate I was aprox. 420 pounds at that time. I do know that on Feb. 8th a few days after the superbowl I was 408 lbs. Today I am 345 lbs.  and with your help I am moving in the right direction. Not only has the scale moved in a positive direction but I am much more athletic, stronger and flexible.

Sometimes I feel like the results are coming along too slowly, but when I really think about it I should be ecstatic because  I went to Grenada for a week, Las Vegas for 4 days and Denver for 4 days. I've had weddings, birthdays, baptisms, and all sorts of other functions too...never really holding back or sacrificing during these times. I also haven't trained for 7 months straight, taking weeks off at times.

So as I reflect back on the 1st 7 months of this year I am very happy. I am in a way better place then I was late last year. This battle feels like a war at times...it really does...emotionally it is a roller coster ride...no doubt. But I feel like we on are a journey together that will be very fulfilling once complete.

So I wanted to say thank you guys. Thank you for being a positive influence in my life. Thank you for pushing me hard. Thank you for showing me what I am able to do. The mind is a mysterious thing...sometimes you need someone else to show you what you are capable of. I could never push myself so hard solo. Thank you for staying on top of me and thank you for caring.
Joseph M.

I have been very impressed with all of the services I have utilized at SHAPE. The focus on client experience is clearly evident and I am happy to say that I am in much better physical condition overall since starting at SHAPE – greatly reduced back and neck pain and definitely increased strength and cardio fitness from working with the trainers as well!
Matthew M.

I went to the gym and had a really GREAT work out yesterday. My back is a bit sore now but all is good, no problem, and you know what, this morning I feel like the 'HULK' because I can actually feel my muscles 'ripping and full of energy'. It feels MARVELOUS. Thanks Doc for a great treatment. Respectfully.
Jameson W.

A couple of weeks ago I was thinking maybe the pain I was experiencing doing pushups was not worth it. I should just forget being able to do pushups. After all you don't need to do pushups in real life right? When the pain developed into not being able to lift my arm it became an issue that could not be ignored. After all you do have to be able to lift your arms in real life. Today after several weeks of therapy and rehab exercises I woke up missing something. It was the first time in many weeks that I did not wake up at night with shoulder pain. I felt great and I think I might even be able to do pushups again. But when I do it will be with proper form and hopefully no pain. Thanks for all the attention and care.
Sue K.

Thank for another great training session!  I can't believe how far I have come in just a few sessions. Exercise has always seemed so daunting to learn to me - you are able to break it down in a manner that I can grasp, learn and enjoy. Thanks for this!
Xenia M.

When I started running I didn't know much about what I was doing and the result was constant knee pain. Later, a hip injury stopped me from running five weeks prior to my first 15K. The care and guidance got me back up and running in time for the race. Thank you for your dedication! I'm pleased to say I'm now running pain free and looking forward to my first half-marathon this September.
Vicky L.

Great workout this morning! I had been upset that I had such a bad run on the treadmill on Tuesday and had been trying to psych myself up for this morning. You are so positive and enthusiastic and achieving the PB’s with the weights has re-invigorated me towards working out. That I did the run with only slight distress was just icing on the cake. You are really good at this and I am lucky to have you for a trainer and a friend. Thank you.
Judy D.

I  want you to know how great I think SHAPE is. It is coming up to three months since I started my journey to fitness and wellness at SHAPE. In the last twelve weeks I have lost 15 lbs (not sure yet how many inches) but more importantly I feel so much better. And people are noticing.

I feel that the holistic approach that SHAPE staff use is what makes such a difference. Joel is working with me on posture and reducing the frequency and severity of my headaches, I am also learning how to make healthy food choices. I am eating more than I was used to, so no more binging or eating junk food. For the first time in my life that I can remember, I am not dieting!

But the most significant change is that I love coming to work out. I had been working with a trainer for three years elsewhere and went to the gym because I knew I should but not because I enjoyed it. At SHAPE it is very different. I really look forward to my workouts. They are never quite the same so I don't get bored...they are hard work and although I wonder how I will ever make it through the hour, I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I am done.

When I came to SHAPE I could only do "girly" pushups. My goal was to be able to do one full pushup and I surprised myself two weeks ago by being able to do three full pushups. That's progress.

I really appreciate the team philosophy and the genuine concern and support that I receive. Thank you.
Sue K.

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you how much I appreciate your hard work, dedication, encouragement, and ongoing support. You have been absolutely phenomenal, and an integral part, in helping me achieve my fitness goals. Admittedly, when I came to SHAPE last September I was scared about the idea of training and I felt so frustrated with my inability to lose weight. After training with you, however, not only did my fear quickly fade but I also felt fantastic and trusted that my goals could be achieved. Your genuine interest, non-judgmental attitude and patience have done wonders in helping make that happen.

Having trained at SHAPE for several months now, I have noticed several changes in my body. My overall strength and endurance has increased and the pain in my left knee and right shoulder no longer exists. I think that's incredible! It is a direct result of the fact that you always paid attention, tracked my fitness abilities and made our training sessions different, fun and challenging. Of course, this is in addition to the wealth of knowledge you have about this field (thanks for answering all questions!). Thank you so much for your commitment and belief in me.

I do not remember a time in my life when I felt so motivated to live an overall healthy lifestyle.  A big thanks to the SHAPE team for making my experience at this facility such a positive one!
Cheryl M.

The second I crossed the finish line at The 2008 Sarasota International Marathon, I felt like I had just conquered the world! Not only did I make it across the finish line, I placed 17th in my age group out of about 90 competitors. For my first race ever - I was more than happy with my results! I accomplished something that I had worked so hard for over the past 6 months – when about one week prior to the race, I had to put an instant halt to my training and was terrified that I was not going to be able to compete as a result of my knees suddenly telling me that enough was enough! I could barely manage to walk when waking in the morning, let alone attempt to make it through my long runs leading up to the race.

My 18km run the week before the race turned into a 1km run because the pain was so excruciating! In a panic, I contacted SHAPE, and they came to my rescue and introduced me to ART®! You were able to quickly dive in and get at the area that was bothering me - while at the same time informing me of why I was feeling the pain and what to do to avoid it in the future. I made it through the race, with hopefully many more to come! Without you and your outstanding ability to alleviate pain through ART®, I may not have even made it through my warm up on race day!!!

You were genuinely concerned about my injury and determined to do whatever possible to make sure I was able to compete. The dedication, hard work and great knowledge from the entire team is greatly appreciated!
Jess H.

Every time I ski down the hill & feel how strong my legs are and how great I feel, I am grateful for SHAPE. I am skiing better than I have ever skied. I feel like an athelete!!
Judy D.

Since I began working with the SHAPE team, I have lost about 42lbs and many inches. Last night, I finally survived the plank for 90 seconds, which is incredible for me since at first I could barely do 30 seconds. I have worked really hard to reach this point,  and I just wanted to let you know how exceptionally supportive and encouraging you are. You pushe and challenge me, put up with my moans and groans, but are always unbelievably kind.

Most importantly, you made me believe I could do it - from day one, when I was so very overweight, unfit, embarrassed, having tremendous back problems and didn't believe I could do it at all. I did't think I would have achieved so much and lost the weight, grown stronger and finally actually want to exercise. Even though I'm not yet at my goal, now I know I can do it. I will be forever grateful!
Tracey F.


I am saddened that our workouts have come to an end, at least for the time being (I am an optimist!).
Where do I begin ...
You have re-shaped my body (and mind).
You have inspired me to think about exercise as something way more valuable than aesthetics.
You have taken the time to better understand me.
You challenge me.
You don't let me get away with much.
You are a great teacher.
You are my role-model.
Thanks for all of the fantastic workouts you created!
Paulette P.

Working out at SHAPE the months leading up to my wedding was fantastic. Not only did it force me to hit the gym, the constant support and expert training allowed me to look my best on the big day. The most important benefit, however, was the increased body confidence that came along with the workouts. Throw in a few massage sessions, and SHAPE was a HUGE part of my preparation and sanity. I plan to take what I learned those months with me throughout my life. Thanks to everyone who was involved in getting me ready.
Laura Z.

Through many years of sports and competitive dance, I have had numerous injuries which in my 30’s and 40’s became chronic. For years I visited a range of physiotherapists, massage therapists and acupuncturists, but it wasn’t until I was treated at SHAPE that I recognized the remarkable difference. In fact, its almost unbelievable how accurately they can make a diagnosis, and then perform the right treatment for the right injury. Bottom line is they provide results quickly. I can’t tell you how thankful I am to be out of some of the pain I was experiencing for years. If there’s such thing as miracle workers – these guys are it!.

The fact that they follow up the next day with a phone call or an email asking how I am doing, speaks volumes to the service!
Heather F.

I just wanted to extend my thanks. Your business platform is unparalleled to any other clinic of its kind as it is supported with fun, professional and enthusiastic people who truly take pride in helping each and every client. Your attention to detail makes the world of difference as it captivates clients from the onset by creating unique experiences for each and every individual. I have had tremendous success under the treatments and guidance from both you and your trainers. Your conceptual integration of health and wellness are well executed and are strongly positioned to benefit those looking for the total solution in an otherwise fragmented health-care system. All the best and thanks again.
Megan O.

I believe in your commitment to your clients so it makes me feel like I've come to the right place.
Jennifer T.

At 37 years of age, I'm in the best shape of my life. I started training in January in anticipation of this summer's Firefighter Combat Challenge season. I lowered my personal best time in each successive event around the country, until finally recording a 1:48 time right here in Toronto in late August - down 15 seconds from last year! I never thought I would get that low. This qualified me for the World Championships in Las Vegas in November, and got me an invitation to Dubai for a Combat demonstration there.

In May a friend said to me, "Wow, you're ripped." I had never heard that one before. Not directed toward me anyway. Got me feeling so good, I went and volunteered to compete for a spot in the 2007 Toronto Firefighter Calendar (available at www.torontoffc.ca). With SHAPE's fine tuning, I won the chance to support cancer research at the Princess Margaret Hospital by posing as Mr. September.

I also play fire department hockey and am happy to report that my nagging injuries no longer get in the way of my workouts, and I feel fit and strong even after a tough game against FDNY or the Montreal Police (two of our biggest rivals). Shoulders, hips, and hamstrings are all solid thanks to SHAPE. They work together to heal me and keep me in working order for my sometimes very physical job. SHAPE is a wonderful wellness centre. The people there always make me feel welcome.

I enjoy my workouts. They are fun and varied - never feeling like a chore or even much like 'work'. They are something I look forward to. I don't give up on a set or let myself off the hook, nor do I give myself long rests between exercises. Somebody call me a tailor, 'cause I've ripped my abs!'
Warren M. - Firefighter - Toronto Fire Services

Thank you and your team for the great session yesterday. I ran 16K this morning and felt great -- in large part due to your help yesterday. Congratulations on your successful operation. You have a great team and a unique approach to integrated fitness and health.
Adam D.

I had the opportunity of visiting SHAPE last week. I must say that I was quite impressed with the professionalism and thoroughness. This program sounds exactly like what I have been looking for. Must also make mention as to how beautiful the facilities are.

The website is professional looking and very nicely put together. The verbiage is concise and provides answers to what SHAPE is all about and the services it offers. Navigating through the site is quite easy and intuitive. The images are sharp and tastefully done. I see careful consideration has been put into how many graphics are used, thereby optimizing its speed. I applaud the web designers & developers for a job well done.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the testimonials and hope to share in the success stories as I attempt to undergo my own transformation.

I think its great that you introduce the entire staff, thus allowing us members to get to know everyone. It truly sounds like a friendly and supportive group of people and I am looking forward to working with you all.
Helia T.

I am sure you already know this but your staff is great.  It was exactly what I had in mind for the day. Truly perfect! So thanks again to your staff for making our day great!
Leah S.

My experience with SHAPE has been fantastic, mostly thanks to my trainer who listened to my needs and designed a series of dynamic and variable workout plans geared to achieving my goals of weight loss, increased strength and power and improved flexibility. After a 20 year absence from downhill ski racing, I am placing in the top 15 out of 120 racers every weekend and I know that a big part of my success is my improving health and fitness - all the result of a complete package of health and wellness expertise.
Dave K.

My support of SHAPE is due to the commitment of the great people at SHAPE. You have all become like family to me and I will shout from the roof tops how wonderful not only the facility is but how great you all are. I believe in the programs and how you all work together for your clients. Thank you guys.
Jodi C.

Thank you for making me feel 100% better. I have not stopped talking about you and how great you are. I look forward to working with you when I come to Canada for good. Thank you again for what you have done. Take care.
Donna H.

It was a fantastic event! The entire SHAPE Team contributed greatly in making GLOBAL'S Health & Wellness Expo such a huge success...and we really appreciate that.

The SHAPE Team (in terms of professionalism, level of service & knowledge, and overall 'presence') were exactly what we were looking and hoping for.... and you delivered on all counts. It's been a definite pleasure and I hope to stay in touch.
Natalie C. 

Information About SHAPE's Corporate Wellness Services

As someone who has had a lifelong aversion to exercise of any type, I can honestly say that the overall concern and course of action has been both outstanding and bearable. Unlike most facilities, the whole you is treated by a complete team. My case is continually reviewed by Sender together with my MeDCAN Physician and Kinesiologist. It is most assuring to know you are in the hands of such an involved team committed to providing excellence.
Joan M.

Having struggled with plantar fasciitis since 1999, I was resigned to receiving at best some minor relief from the symptoms. Instead, I was delighted to receive education about the condition and a sensible proposed method of treatment including chiropractic / acupuncture intervention, deep massage, and specialized exercise. Not only has the condition been conquered, but I am in much better condition overall and will be subscribing to an ongoing program to maintain and improve my overall physical fitness and sense of well being.
Robert B.

I wanted to thank you all for the top notch personal training, support and tips during my time spent at SHAPE. Thanks again.
Suzana R.

I wanted to thank all of you for the amazing support I’ve received over the past few months since I started coming to SHAPE. I came with specific fitness goals and have managed to exceed my expectations on every level! I’ve never felt (and looked) better in my life, and of course sessions are fun which keeps motivating me to come back and stay fit.

SHAPE is a wonderful environment in which to work out in and knowing that you have massage therapists, chiropractors and nutritionists on hand helps make the experience complete. Thanks again.
Gillian S.

I'm not sure precisely what you did to me during my chiro treatment this week, but frankly my body has never felt better. Thanks to you and your colleagues at SHAPE.
Jeff D.

My shoulder and neck feel amazing - way less congested and stiff. Thanks for everything.
Lari-Ann C.

I wanted to send a quick follow up email to say THANK YOU for fitting me in so quickly this morning. I feel SO MUCH BETTER! I can finally concentrate on my work and not stress out about missing out on my training schedule. Wow...I had no idea when I walked in there that I would actually leave feeling better. Thanks again.
Kelly P.

SHAPE keeps building momentum. Wonderful people, you have truly GATHERED GREATNESS. All the best.
Jeff M.

You should be very proud - you've created an 'upscale' environment - great staff, great facilities, and great service. Never thought I would enjoy getting my butt kicked as much as I seem to at your shop.
Kathy E.

I would like to express my gratitude to the team at SHAPE for the tremendous support over the last several months. I came to SHAPE with a specific and demanding (fitness) goal. Not only did you manage to successfully custom design a program for me but your motivated, knowledgeable and accommodating staff continuously kept me on track and ultimately helped me to achieve my goal.

The personal attention to your clients and unique VIP treatment is amazing in every way and better than anything I have ever experienced in the world of personal fitness. I feel like a million bucks! Many thanks again.
Stefan V.

Dr. Sender Deutsch performed a miracle by alleviating chronic pain, lived with for several years. His ability to pinpoint the exact location of the muscles creating the pain and then use acupuncture and ART treatments resulted in pain free living. What a joy! Now, it's only 32 hours after treatment so a few more days will tell the tale. Thank you.
Irene D.

My husband has MS. When he came out of the hospital after an illness he was unable to stand. After approximately 6 weeks of physical therapy and strengthening by Dr. Sender Deutsch, he is able to stand, transfer to another chair and walk a short distance with a walker.
Rose C.


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