To a bride, looking amazing on your wedding day is essential.

Obviously, the perfect hair, makeup and dress are all crucial - but confidence in your body to walk down the aisle, make a speech, fit into your dream dress and be admired by all the entire day can make you feel like a princess in a fairytale. And as most brides know, a wedding can be a very motivating goal for getting in SHAPE.

What about the groom?

You are also going to be in the spotlight for this very special day - and you will want to look back on your wedding day with no regrets! Join in on the fun of transforming your body so you look RIPPED when you walk down the aisle in your tuxedo (not to mention on your honeymoon.

We didn’t forget about the wedding party!

If you’ve never thought about getting in SHAPE on your own, it can be extremely motivating to get a group together (like all the bridesmaids or groomsmen) and start sweating together! We offer packages of Group Sessions for 2 - 4 people, so feel free to get the whole party involved!

SHAPE to the rescue!

Our team of professionals can provide personal training and lifestyle remodeling. We believe that having a plan to balance work, wedding planning, fitness and life is the only way to get into great SHAPE, and de-stress your life during the months leading up to the big day. The Plan An initial assessment, measuring your current physical fitness level and goals will be conducted to allow us to establish a realistic timeline and personalized program for you to follow.

Your Plan

Bride & Groom in SHAPEA plan designed by our team of experts and overseen by regulated health-care professionals, will be tailored to your body and schedule (including all of your regular and special activities including work, wedding planning, parties, and showers). This ensures that the process will be both safe as well as highly effective.

Frequent Assessments

Email / telephone coaching will ensure motivation and retention all the way to reaching your goal to GET FIT! SHAPE will help you accomplish your goals through High Performance Coaching.

Working with someone who understands the stresses you are going through will ensure that you remain on track to stay motivated throughout the process. We are passionately committed to making you look and feel beautiful both during and especially after your comprehensive body and health transformation.


Planning your wedding can be a monumental task. In fact, it can be overwhelming. Balancing this with the rest of your daily life can be very challenging. Don’t panic! SHAPE can help you reduce stress, manage time, and get everything done while still being able to enjoy yourself.


  • Decide what you and your fiancé generally want and expect from your wedding
  • Estimate of how many guests you will be inviting
  • Develop a realistic budget
  • Once the big decisions are made, pressure is reduced and it can be fun and leisurely to fill in the small details


  • Allow for enough time between the engagement and the wedding. You could have the best time management skills in the world and still have a hell of a time planning a wedding with 300 guests in 2 months.
  • The time leading up to the big day is an ideal time to start a fitness and nutrition program for many reasons, including:
  • You can avoid crash diets and exercise routines that you can’t possibly maintain for more than a few weeks. It is most effective to make a healthy LIFESTYLE change that happens gradually.
  • You have time to figure out what works and doesn’t, what you like and what you don’t, all with professional supervision and guidance.
  • You can make small changes, avoiding drastic changes and creating confidence to stick with the program.
Most brides who train with us at SHAPE start working out anywhere from 3 - 6 months before their wedding. With adequate lead time, you likely won’t get discouraged if you can’t meet an unrealistic goal (eg. 10 lbs. in 1 month).


Now that you know what you are doing and when it needs to be done, “buy yourself an agenda and a pencil, and schedule your appointments in pencil so you can erase!” says Daniela, a newlywed who trains at SHAPE. This is a good habit in general, so even if you are recently engaged and not planning the wedding for a while, mastering this skill can make a huge difference.

Once major decisions are made, sit down with your fiancé on a regular basis, (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) to discuss smaller details as they arise. This can greatly reduce stress for both of you.

Laura, a SHAPE client and bride-to-be, suggests that you actually write things down, no matter how small. “I book everything in my agenda to make sure I don’t let wedding appointments get in the way, like going to the gym or my scheduled appointments with my trainer.” Laura explains. “In retrospect, I should have booked treadmill time as well!”

Be weary of “block booking” your appointments too tightly though, meaning just because you finish work at 5:00 pm does not necessarily mean that you can be at the florist by 5:15. Spreading yourself too thin and thinking you can do the impossible will only cause aggravation when it doesn’t happen according to plan.

The SHAPE team recommends limiting the number of wedding appointments allowed per day/week, focusing only on the most pressing short term tasks.


Communicating with all the important people in the wedding (fiancé, bridal party, parents) is crucial. Remember to share your thoughts with your wedding or event planner, hall manager, limo driver, photographer and caterer. SHAPE’s Work it for the Wedding bride/groom-to-be program will be tailored to your specific health and body shaping goals as we will review a series of questions about all of your specific wedding plans and health goals prior to developing your personalized wedding transformation.


The wedding day is meant to be a celebration of your love for each other; you should have fun and savor every moment!

It may seem like a big deal that all the napkins are folded exactly the same way and you have shed that last pound to fit into your dress or tux just so. However, when you walk down the aisle and see your family and close friends shedding tears of joy for you, those insignificant details will melt away. This is not to say you should rely on love to buy your dress and rent the hall, but when you feel overwhelmed and frustrated with your caterer, look into your fiancé’s eyes and remember why you said yes in the first place.


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Sat. 8am - 6pm
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